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The resume I was given (after providing extensive information about my profile) felt like an AI-generated resume filled with words that just didn’t, or vaguely made sense. I honestly think that the person who wrote it used AI to do so - which I thought was appalling as I could have done so myself!The end-product was so bad that I didn’t even ask for a second draft (the number of corrections needed was so high that it would have taken longer to explain than just doing everything from scratch myself).If you don’t have a “typical” /linear corporate profile, just believe that you will do a much better job yourself - paying $800 for this is definitely not worth it!
Response from the owner: Hi Emma, thank you for your feedback. Our resume writing process involves several revisions to ensure we can provide you with world-class documents. The first draft is far from the end product. While we acknowledge we may have missed the mark on yours, we're more than happy to work with you through the rest of the process to ensure your docs are up to scratch. We'll be in touch shortly.
I am very happy with the service provided by Exceptional Resume Writers, especially Rachel who was a pleasure to work with. They were very knowledgeable and had quick turnaround times.
Response from the owner: Thanks Raji, we managed to get your documents done in double time.
Working with Paula was an absolute delight; her professionalism and expertise made the process seamless. I greatly appreciated her exceptional skill and attention to detail in creating a tailored, impactful resume that effectively highlights my experience and expertise. Thank you!
Response from the owner: You're very welcome, Paula loved working with you, too. Please stay in touch and keep us updated about your job search.
Exceptional Service. And gives very good service
Response from the owner: Thank you for praising our service. Twice 🙂
Paula did an excellent job at communicating exactly what I am good at and what I am after in a new role. The suite of documents has been well received and highly complimentary.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the compliment - and for letting us tell your career story!
Working with Tom Hannemann and Paula Grant was an exceptional, honest, and transparent experience. Their assistance, passion, and sense of responsibility allowed us to work together towards achieving common goals. I am grateful for the demonstrated intercultural understanding, respect, and support, which made me feel valued and appreciated. They completed tasks accurately and promptly, which was impressive.
Response from the owner: Thank you Carlozs, you made Tom's and Paula's day 🙂
Paula did exceptionally well and understood my requirements and then crafted a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile according my needs. It was well thought of and covered all my strengths and was of highest standards.It was really helpful in my job hunt. I seriously recommend exceptional resume writers and Paula for your resume needs.
Response from the owner: Thanks a lot Raj, your positive feedback and endorsement means a lot to us.
Dealing with Paula from Exceptional Resume Writers was one of the easiest process I have been through. Paula produced an extremely high standard resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.I would recommend the services to anyone on their job search.
Response from the owner: Hi Kieran, thank you for the feedback about our resume writing service. Please stay in touch.
Paula was extremely professional, friendly, and encouraging. I had 6 job interviews within 48 hours of updating my resume and LinkedIn. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: That's quite a response rate! Thanks for the kind words, JB.
What a fantastic experience.I have not applied for a job in over 10 years and knew my resume needed to be updated. Rachel was a delight to work with and the experience and process was really beneficial.They say the proof is in the pudding, well I applied for my first role in 10 years and got the job.Thank you Exceptional and thank you Rachel.Tim
Response from the owner: Tim, you're very welcome. Congratulations on landing the new gig.
Rachel was great, very professional and accommodating with the feedback that I provided on my Resume and Cover Letter.
Response from the owner: Thank you for being such a great client, Michael. Rachel enjoyed working with you too - stay in touch.
Paula was absolutely brilliant to work with. Really helped craft an elegant representation of my skills and value in a unique way on paper. Highly recommended to help you piece together a great resume!
Response from the owner: Eric, we'll humbly take "brilliant" 🙂 Thanks a lot.
Not what I expected. Slow response times but more worryingly was the lack of quality - spelling mistakes, generic phrases, verbose language to fill the page. I even spent a significant amount of time crafting an additional document to support the resume writer but it was glanced over.Now I feel the experience was a complete waste of my time and money. I might as well have written it myself.
Response from the owner: Mark, sorry that we didn't meet your expectations and thank you for your honest feedback. It's certainly not how we like to operate; we'll be in touch with you shortly to resolve the issues.
Exceptionally good at what they promise. Special mention to Ms.Katie Kirland, from asking the appropriate questions, understanding my career to drafting the resume so well, she really made this experience fruitful. Thanks Katie!
Response from the owner: Thank you Santoshi! We're thrilled that you're thrilled with your resume.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the five stars, Roger. *fistbump*
The process was extremely professional with a personal touch, and I am delighted I engaged the services of the Exceptional Resumes team to deliver a high quality result through their depth of experience and expertise.
Response from the owner: Andrew, thanks for noticing the personal touches - we do aim to go above and beyond! Thanks for being a great client - and we look forward to hearing about your successes.
I had a great experience with my consultant Paula. She quickly picked up on what I wanted and needed. The first draft of the resume was very close to the final version.I also did an advanced interview coaching session with her, which gave me some good insight into what they might be asking and how to respond.I highly recommend Paula.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ivar. It's great to hear that you loved Paula's work on your resume and your interview skills.
Response from the owner: Reeni, thank you giving us a five star rating. Please stay in touch.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the five stars, Simona. We're very grateful.
I needed help with writing a cover letter, that addressed key selection criteria's, for a role I am applying for. Paula was amazing and did an exceptional job. The final product is very well written, succinct, professional and so elegantly highlights and captures my experience and expertise. Best investment ever.
Response from the owner: Hi George, great to hear from you again. We'll take "best investment ever" for sure! Thanks!
Useful, beneficial, effective. Very good ROI.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your positive words about our resume writing service, Christian.
I had a deadline to meet for an upcoming position. Paula Grant went above and beyond to get my resume up to date and completed in time. I'm very thankful and will recommend their professional services to anyone needing a professional resume.
Response from the owner: You're very welcome. Thank you for your recognition and no problems at all with meeting your deadline.
Paula was lovely. She really listened to me and understood what I wanted to achieve in my career. I highly recommend Exceptional Resumes and Paula who is professional and writes so beautifully.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words and your vote of confidence, Susan.
I didn't realise how much I had actually achieved until Exceptional Resumes (Paula) put it all down on paper for me. Great service, super impressed with my exceptional resume - I feel a lot more confident now to go for "that" job! Thank you Paula and Exceptional Resumes!
Easy process, great value, and Belinda took the time to really talk through and understand every aspect of my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIN to make sure everything was professional and crafted to my liking. Thanks again Belinda and team for your help!
Response from the owner: Hi Jay, you're very welcome and we look forward to hearing about your success in the job market.
I had a wonderful experience with Rachel who was very professional and excellent with her work.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback, Patricia. Your resume writer Rachel has loved translating the technical nuances and intricacies of your career into a concrete value proposition. Please stay in touch.
This is the second time I have engaged with Exceptional Resume Writers and each time I have been satisfied with the outcome. I am pleased with how they conduct themselves with ample opportunity to consult and review.I would highly recommend Exceptional Resume Writers to all who are considering improving their resume and professional profiles.
Response from the owner: Welcome back, Sailesh. You're becoming part of the family! Thank you for continuing to trust us with your career.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 stars, Adrian, it's been an absolute pleasure to assist you.
We have had a wonderful experience with Exceptional Resume Writers. They are extremely professional and produce excellent results. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rachel and the team and we highly recommend their services.
Response from the owner: Hi Sam, thank you for the 5-star feedback. We really enjoyed working with you and are happy to hear that our resume writing service met your expectations.
The overall experience was just wonderful. Working with Paula was fantastic. Lot of great insights and honest opinions from her. Extremely professional and time bound ,in fact it was even earlier than their stated TAT, so a big thank you to Paula.
Response from the owner: Murtaza, this just made our day! Thank you for the kind words and 5-star rating of our resume writer Paula. She really enjoyed working with you. Please stay in touch.
Paula was incredible. Took the time to understand me and where I wanted to go with my career and developed an amazing set of documents.
Response from the owner: Michael, that kind of feedback is music to our ears. Great to hear that your resume was on point. Please stay in touch.
I am a returning customer (2015 and 2022), and the service I received was exceptional both times. Very professional, high standard of work and prompt response. I would highly recommend it. Thanks to Paula and the team.
Response from the owner: Hi Michal, it was great to work with you again. You're very welcome and we hope to see you next time.
Belinda was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made me feel really comfortable in the one on one sessions. Belinda was able to grasp all aspects of what I was trying to say and turn them into an incredible resume, cover letter and linked in profile. I would highly recommend exceptional resume writers
Response from the owner: We'll humbly take "incredible"! Thank you, Cindy, for such positive feedback of our resume writer Belinda.
Thank you, Belinda Paris. It has been a very professional and truly enjoyable journey collaborating with you.Your extensive HR experience shone through your ability to listen and to go above and beyond to understand me and my needs and really personalise my resume and LinkedIn. Easy to communicate with, you always delivered what was promised and brought the flavour of your fabulous personality, excitement, and joy into the process.The service and the product are simply “Exceptional”.
Response from the owner: Paul, what a great thing to say. We appreciate it, really.
I recently reached out to Exceptional Resume Writers to rewrite my resume. I was assigned to Belinda Paris and the outcome was simply amazing. I could not believe that my resume would look so top notch and made me feel so proud of seeing my own progress in my career. Belinda was extremely understanding, she took down all the notes accurately and asked the right kind of questions that made me think deeper and bring out my actual skills that could be highlighted on the resume. I'm extremely satisfied and happy with the quality of output i received.
Response from the owner: Sharanya, that is such great feedback about our resume writer Belinda - thank you!
Belinda is an exceptional career consultant and coach. She goes above and beyond to ensure your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile is of very high quality and standard. She is so easy to work with and if very prompt with email responses. I loved the career meditation sessions. I have already received some very positive feedback regarding my resume from potential hiring manager. Thanks Belinda for helping me with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. This gives me great confidence to apply for new opportunities
Response from the owner: Vignesh, great to see that your resume is already attracting positive attention. Thank you for being a great client!
Exceptional service, very prompt and efficient. Would recommend them to all.
Response from the owner: Craig, thank you for the vote of confidence. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you.
Rachel Sedgman was a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful in turning my job application package around under a very tight deadline.
Response from the owner: You've made Rachel's day! Thank you Gerald - and we're very glad that we could help you in time.
Working with Exceptional Resume Writers was a dream. It's a clear, timeline driven and outcomes focussed approach. I highly recommend investing in yourself by investing in Exceptional Resume Writers. Thanks Belinda & team.
Response from the owner: Hi Siobhan, you're welcome! Our resume writers bend over backwards to deliver documents that exceed your expectations. Thank you for noticing.
Belinda was such a wonderful person highly skilled reflecting 20 years experience in recruitment service. Belinda have done a remarkable work with my resumeshe’s been very patient throughout the discussion and answering all my questions with a tight schedule she completed my resume on time. she has address every aspect of my work experience and cleverly used all of the keywordsI would highly recommend thank you for your help
Response from the owner: Greetings Keshan, great to hear from you. Thank you for such lovely feedback about our resume writer Belinda.
Had a great experience with Belinda. Felt supported, heard, understood and she created a fabulous resume that represented my experience, skills and achievements. Can't wait to start sending out my brand new documents.
Response from the owner: Inga, thank you for your feedback about your experience with our brilliant resume writer Belinda. You've made her (and our) day. All the best in your job search - and please let us know how you go.
Response from the owner: Ciaron, thank you for the 5 stars 🙂
The service was well structured and smooth, Rachel was super helpful and I would recommend the service to other professionals .
Response from the owner: Abdullah, we loved having you as a client. All the best in your job search - and thank you for recommending us to your network.
The process with Exceptional Resume Writers from the very beginning was smooth. I was paired with Katie and she was very helpful in tailoring my CV for the role I want to apply for. My goal in this process was to have a CV that highlighted my skills and experience from a new and fresh lens, that's exactly what I got. Moreover, Katie provided useful advice along the way which was invaluable and very supportive. I recommend there services as they won't rush you out the door, they want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the product and services.
Response from the owner: Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing your thoughts about our resume writing service in such detail. We truly appreciate it.
Rachel and the team are very good in what they do and worked on my case like career managers to deliver an exceptional resume, profile and cover letter. I strongly recommend their services to all seeking to make a great first impression on a potential employer.
Response from the owner: Hi Sid, thanks! Great to work with you. We feel warm and fuzzy then customers use "exceptional" to describe our professionally written resumes 😉
It has been an amazing journey working with Rachel Sedgmen. The consultation process is amazing. It allowed me to discover my skills and achievements. Rachel was able to put everything down in a way that would best sell our skills to any employer. I highly recommend approaching Exceptional Resume Writers for a great resume. Thank you Rachel.
Response from the owner: Hi Sara, wow, thanks for such positive words about our resume writing service. You rock! We're going to give Rachel a high five in your honour.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 stars, Michael 🙂
A fantastic product that I'm very confident to use in my search for a new and exciting role
Response from the owner: Hi Travis, it's great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words about our resume writing service.
The service was reasonably responsive. Provide a good structure template and some good suggestions. However, there were a few minor grammar mistakes that weren't pick up.
Response from the owner: Colin, thank you for the honest feedback. We sincerely apologise that the grammar was not 100% on point. This is not at all how we usually operate, so, we'll look into the matter to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Very professional and very responsive. Thank you so much Rachel, I can’t wait to see how the resume and cover letter take effect on my job search!!Thanks again Exceptional Resume Writers!
Response from the owner: Hi Laurentia, you're very, very welcome. Thank you for being a great client - and all the best in your upcoming job search. Please keep us posted about the results.

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“I just wanted to let you know that I got the job at KPMG. Truly, your work was worth every penny. Great resume. Great coaching. Couldn’t be happier.”

Sam StewartManager, KPMG

“Thank you so much to Karen who helped me build such an amazing resume. I have received great feedback on it from both recruiters and hiring managers. The whole process was impressive from start to finish with the 'career meditation' being a highlight.”

Nadia SpositoSenior Marketing Manager, IOOF

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Andrew Kennedy

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Antoniya Letilovic

Service Manager

“I’m recommending all of it .. this really was an exceptional service.”

Sailesh Rao

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Jason Heffernan


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I am being recommended as one of the applicants for consideration for the CEO role. Of the 100 candidates, 11 were interviewed. The resume you did for me was fantastic. I referred to it a lot during the interview and it gave me a lot of confidence.

Michael BantonCEO

Just writing in to let you know that within 24 hrs of my interview taking place I was offered the role with a contract signed, sealed and delivered. Thank you for all of your help from helping me put together my resume to preparing me mentally for my interview.

Aleksandra SuboticDevelopment Manager